Kaveh Mehranvar - Iranian/Canadian Citizen
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My name is Kaveh Mehranvar and I started my childhood life in the Velenjak and Zaferanieh neighborhood in Tehran, The beautiful capital city of Iran. Then at the age of 11, I immigrated to Canada along with my family and continued my life in North America. Because my father had a factory to run in Iran back then, he had to travel to Iran frequently and I was accompanying him most of the time. As a result, I became familiar with the concept of business when I was very young by having my father as my business teacher and mentor. While I was learning and experiencing business, Kaveh Mehranvar also had the opportunity to go to different schools and universities and complete his education to the highest level possible in countries such as: Iran, Turkey, England and Canada. I, Kaveh Mehranvar, have been living in Canada for the past 30 years and I am the owner of more than 10 successful companies in United State and Canada.
My Education:
Civil Engineer, Marketing essential, Principles economics, Risk management, Investment fundamentals, Basic financial concepts, Financial performance, Accounting principles, Essential management skills, Human resource management, Economics and international business, International law, Marketing and communications, Finance and accounting. 
My Companies:
Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh general trading, Kava investment group, Porsazan kaveh, Mystic entertainment, Kmk enterprises Ltd, K2 investment group, Diamond property management group, Ki media group, Hawk enterprises inc, Sunrise build & design inc.

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